Google’s Chrome extension Screen Capture doesn’t work – Solved.

The issue: “Capture whole page” with Google’s screen capture extension doesn’t work anymore.

This is caused by, which removed support for document.width/.height.

To solve the issue you need to replace the old document.width/.height values in page.js with document.body.clientWidth/clientHeight.

I have generated a new build with the proposed fix. You can use it until a new version is available.
Just download the custom build and confirm the prompt.

If the download doesn’t work try to copy and paste the link into your address bar (omnibox) and confirm the prompt.


4 thoughts on “Google’s Chrome extension Screen Capture doesn’t work – Solved.

  1. It doesn’t quite work for me. The image is wider by a a hundred pixels or so, and the right side of the image is repeated there. Almost half of the bottom is also completely blank. At least it’s a move towards working, and better than what Google will ever provide us (likely nothing).

  2. Thanks so much for the help! Except . . . I’m getting a 401 error from the link. I’d really appreciate some help. I guess I’ll go back to the other great ram hog, FF, but I need to copy some info first.

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